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Duda con propiedad de armadura

6 de septiembre de 2012 01:55:02 CEST
Hola tengo una duda con esta propiedad de armadura:
Shocking Aura: An armour or shield enchanted with
this ability appears surrounded by dancing arcs of
electricity that crackle incessantly. Any creature striking
the wearer of this armour with a melee attack suffers
1d6 points of electricity damage without a saving throw;
if there is a second enemy within 30 feet of the attacker,
an arc of lightning jumps from the attacker to the
secondary target, dealing the same amount of damage
the first target suffered. The lightning deals no damage
to the wearer and he may suppress the effect at will.
Moderate evocation; CL 11th; Craft Magic Arms and
Armour, chain lightning; Price +2 bonus.

Entiendo el significado pero la pregunta esta en: el rayo "se dispara" solo si el atacante impacta (quita vida) o con que solo intente atacarme indiferentemente de si me impacta o no el rayo se dispara.