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They are the majority in almost every covenant, and without them things would come to an immediate halt. They spend their lives serving magi, and may lay those lives down to defend them. They are the cooks, servants, warriors, craftsmen, and hunters who keep the Order of Hermes running smoothly.

They are the magi's trusted grogs.

Grogs have much to offer any saga, from heroic death to comic relief, or even both at the same time. However, creating and maintaining dozens of characters can be a strain on the creativity and patience of even the finest troupes, and so grogs may be overlooked in favor of magi and companions. This book aims to right the balance. It contains dozens of fully developed grog concepts, complete with typical Abilities, and guidelines to simplify creating and maintaining grogs. It also includes suggestions on the roles grogs can play in covenants, and in sagas.

After all, even spear-carriers can leave memories that live forever.

Authors: Mark Shirley, Christian Rosenkjaer Andersen, Evangeline Cheng, Camo Coffey, Mark Faulkner, Timothy Ferguson, Mark Lawford
Cover Artist: Grey Thornberry
Stock Number: AG0301 | ISBN: 1-58978-129-5 | MSRP: $29.95 US
Format: 144 pages, hardcover
Release Date: July 2012
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